Exceptional trees. Guaranteed.

Large caliper trees for wholesalers, nurseries, garden centers and landscapers.
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Exceptional trees.

Gain access to some of the highest quality trees in North America. Grown on over 1,100 acres of prime southern Ontario farmland, Braun’s unique location means everything is grown in a clay loam soil — providing more nutrients to the tree and giving each one unsurpassed livability.

Consistent quality.

Receive consistently healthy and uniform trees, with solid branching structures and vigorous root systems. All trees arrive expertly wrapped in a tailor-fit wire basket, ready to be sold.


Every tree is guaranteed to measure up in size, or it’s free. Braun’s simple yet powerful guarantee ensures you get exactly what you pay for.

Our Trees

Choose from a wide variety of large caliper, northern-grown trees.

Tree growing. Perfected.

For over 60 years, Braun Tree Nursery has been considered one of the best-kept trade secrets for wholesalers across North America. From our humble roots as a landscape company to the over 1,100 acres of tree nursery we manage today, the Braun team has always paid the same meticulous attention to every tree. The sincere care that each Braun team member brings to the job each and every day translates to an amazing experience for you — our valued customers.
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Choose from over 90 varieties of deciduous, evergreen, multistem trees and shrubs.

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