About Us

Cultivating a healthy, vibrant horticulture industry.

At Braun, we believe that trees are good for people. We also believe that quality products are good for business. These two concepts, when combined, are the reason Braun is in business.

From our humble beginnings as a small, family-owned garden centre and landscaping business to the larger group of companies Braun represents today, we’ve always had a vision for a healthier horticultural industry at our core. For over 60 years, we’ve worked diligently to assemble an exceptional group of employees. Our team is experienced, knowledgeable and educated on all of the complexities of tree-growing.

But — best of all — is the sincere care that each team member brings to the job each and every day. This translates to an amazing customer and client experience.

Today, our tree nursery grows some of the highest quality trees in North America, selling to growers all across the continent. Beyond that, we’ve expanded to include new ventures, including our innovative wire baskets and top-selling garden products.

After all, we’re not just growing trees — we’re cultivating a healthy, vibrant horticulture industry.

Our Mission

To cultivate a healthy, vibrant horticulture industry.

Our Vision

We see…

  • Uniform, healthy trees grown to the right size.
  • Beautified environments with clean, pure air.
  • Green spaces reaching their full natural potential.
  • Less strain on nursery owners and wholesalers through consistent, high-quality trees.
  • Less disappointment and more positivity towards growers in North America.

Meet Our Team

  • Paull Hopping

    Paull Hopping


  • Anne Bussière

    Anne Bussière

    Quebec Sales

  • Steve Burgess

    Steve Burgess

    Nursery Coordinator

  • Dave Braun


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Our History

Braun was established in the early 1950s in Hamilton, Ontario by Frank Braun. Frank fled communist Czechoslovakia in 1948 with his wife Hilda and children Peter and Hana. While working in various jobs, including warehousing and construction, Frank worked on weekends and evenings to enhance the landscape of area residents.

It wasn’t long until the family opened a garden center and landscaping business on Upper James Street — also in Hamilton. A few years later, the family started a nursery to help supply trees to their garden center and landscaping business. The nursery has grown to over 1,100 acres and is considered one of North America's best producers of caliper trees. Through the leadership of Frank’s son Peter, the landscape business grew considerably and the garden center was sold. During this time, Peter made a significant impact in the nursery industry with the invention of the continuous-wire basket — a simple and elegant construction designed to save you time. The wire baskets are now made on premises and supply the North American market.

As the wire basket business flourished, the landscape business began to wind down. Braun then started manufacturing hanging baskets and moss liners, selling them to garden centers, growers and municipalities. Our hanging baskets are seen throughout Canada and the United States, from Disney World to the White House. Today, we’ve transformed our hanging basket department into a full line of garden products. And most recently, we’ve added Mother Nurture, a mycorrhizae product that helps plants thrive after transplanting. The company is now led by third generation president, Dave Braun.

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